Sales Solutions

Be guided through an unrivaled level of information to help you optimize and target your sales efforts. 

Sales Deep Dive

Visualize your sales funnel like never before, with influences, user segments, and events broken out to give you the complete picture.

User Re-Engagement

Use custom plans to re-engage users with the right method at the right time. No more spamming users, pushing them further away.

Optimize your sales funnel by understanding all the factors that are influencing sales

Understanding how all of your marketing campaigns are influencing customer behavior, at all stages of your sales funnel, gives you the power to craft dedicated messaging around these influences. You can better focus your sales funnel through detailed customer segmentation and we can give you the ability to automatically have customers added or removed from a segment once the appropriate criteria has been met. All of this allows you to have custom messaging and wording to fit each segment, which helps you maximize your sales funnel goals.

Know how to get customers to come back using a re-engagement plan that respects the users communication style

Spamming customers is out of style and is not effective at driving sales or brand engagement. Get guidance on creating a plan to time your engagements with your customers to be highly effective, with minimal touch points, respecting both you and your customers time. Utilize predictive segmentation to give customers just the right nudge to prevent them from disengaging in the first place.