Reporting Solutions

Save time by utilizing professional level, automated reporting, with customizable templates.

Professional Reporting

Quickly create professional reports that show deep insights from key metrics, using an easy drag and drop system. Save even more time with templates and presets.

Time Segmentation

Setup automated reports to generate on a set schedule and automatically share the results with your team. Quickly setup week over week or month over month comparisons as well.

Insightful Actions

Utilize action cards to quickly understand the insights of your metrics and establish recommended plans of action for your team

Reporting tools that you can depend on to make you look good

Easy to use reporting tools allow you to focus on the actions, not the tedious task of building reports. Utilize presets and templates to know you have all the key metrics covered. Templates make it easy to run similar reports as many times as you need, and all reports have built in easy-share options that ensure your reports look fantastic on any screen, big or small. Customize your reports to match your company’s brand, include the metrics and performance indicators that matter to your team, and add your own insights directly to the report.

Free up your schedule by automating the repetitive reports, so you can focus on solving the hard problems

Build reports that can automatically run on a set time schedule, with alerts each time they are executed. This allows you to focus on the actions and insight, instead of worrying about running reports and waiting for results. Set any period of look-back time segment or even configure automatic time segment comparisons to generate easy week over week, month over month, or quarterly reports.

Always feel supported by Action Cards that help give you insights and lead you to solutions

Action Cards provide you with the perfect starting point for reporting insights, giving you clear actions based on your reported metrics. Always be one step ahead with a solution and a plan when building a report, preventing you from feeling surprised when presenting your findings. Working with Action Cards is like having your own personal data analyst, working hand in hand with you to deliver solutions, not just reports.