Easy to Understand Pricing

Pricing should be easy, just like using our analytics system. We have a single flat monthly price. No need to monitor costs, calculate traffic, or be worried about sudden increases.

  • Easy Analytics

  • $ 0 / mo

  • Core analytics dashboard
  • Monitor stats in realtime
  • No hidden fees
  • Simple setup
  • SixPack Assistant

  • $ 49 / mo

  • Intelligent cards that only show what you need
  • Curated dashboard
  • Easy Analytics included
  • Same easy setup
  • Features included in all plans

    Unlimited data storage

    With no limits on incoming events or storage size, you can ensure you are capturing the full picture and making the right choices about your product.

    Privacy focused

    We take data seriously and are fully compliant with all data regulations.

    Unlimited Users

    As your product grows, the last thing you want to worry about is arbitrary limits. We capture all of your customers without worry.