Game Industry

The game industry is a fast paced, data rich industry, perfect for leveraging the NLevel platform to optimize costs and level the playing field against billion dollar competitors

Super Charge Organic Growth

Power your organic word of mouth marketing with custom player segmentation and messaging

Maximize Your Marketing Efforts

Focus your marketing on the channels that give you the best results at the lowest costs, without having to reduce your total reach

Find The "Fun" Faster

Make your iterations count during development by very quickly knowing why something is working and how to supercharge it

Acquisition Cost Optimization

Don't waste money chasing a losing audience, get detailed reports on what your best segments are and where to aquire them

Reduce Player Churn

Keep your players engaged by giving them just the right rewards that keeps them engaged



Super charge your organic growth with targeted marketing and development efforts

Organic growth is the “best” growth because it is self-sustaining. This is where you will find your most loyal players with the largest lifetime value. More importantly, they drive your word of mouth. Knowing who these players are and how they are enjoying your game is critical to crafting the appropriate messaging to invigorate them and build hype for your releases.Using our custom behavioral segmentation tools you will have the power at your fingertips to power up your organic growth marketing. 

Gain marketing super powers with breakdowns of data and insights like never before

To market to your audience, you need to know your audience at its deepest level possible,  Deep dive into player motivations, interaction influences, and event based behaviors to know exactly how players are responding to in-game situations. Use these insights to craft detailed player segmentation reports, tailor your marketing messaging, and deliver this to players at the optimal time. 

Enable rapid iterations in development with real time results built to match the speed of the game industry

The game industry moves at an incredible speed and successful studios have to keep up with the ever changing landscape.The NLevel platform was built specifically for this type of rapid iteration environment. See the results of your changes in minutes and be confident in your direction. Leverage our platform to accelerate your development cycle and get ahead of the changes in the market. 

Make your marketing budget do more and get more players with less money

Marketing costs in the game industry continue to rise at an incredible rate. Maintaining the status quo in marketing methods will quickly lead to failure. Continuing to do what is working today without change in your marketing will guarantee failure in the near future. You need a tool that will help you analyze every possible avenue to success to ensure you can maintain your competitiveness against and every increasingly crowded marketplace. Our marketing automation platform will guide you to success.   

Keep your players coming back again and again by taking targeted measures to engage players

If you wait for players to leave before you re-engage them you have already lost that player. Spamming players with notifications is a guaranteed why to drive them away forever. Being able to know when to engage a player while they are still in-game with the right messaging and engaging offer is paramount to crafting a game with industry leading retention. Retention is the number one driver of revenue and follow on investment for game studios. Our churn reduction tools will give you the best possible results with the least amount of effort on your part.