Ecommerce Industry

Grow your brand through building a happy and engaged customer base. Your customers will be your word of mouth for future customers and knowing what makes them happy will keep them coming back

Deliver Targeted Messaging

Target your marketing communication to your customer segments to increase open rates and drive more traffic to your store front

Increase Conversion Rates

Advanced segmentation tools allow you to find who is powering your core metrics, reducing cart abandonment and increasing revenue

Grow Your Business

Power your organic word of mouth marketing with customer segmentation and custom messaging





World Class Experience

Tailor your stores experience to individual customer behaviors to drive customer satisfaction and reduce frustration with your audience



Effective Marketing Strategies

Focus your marketing on the channels that give you the best results at the lowest costs, without having to reduce your total reach

Understand Your Customers

Find customers that behave similar to your highest value customers, allowing you to grow faster and with higher profitability.


Drive higher revenue with targeted messaging

Organic growth is the “best” growth because it is self-sustaining. This is where you will find your most loyal customers with the highest lifetime value. More importantly, they drive your word of mouth. Knowing who these customers are and how they are enjoying your products is critical to crafting the appropriate messaging to invigorate them and build hype for your new product releases. Using our custom behavioral segmentation tools you will have the power at your fingertips to power up your organic growth marketing. 

Use advanced modeling to target your sales funnel messaging to individual customers to maximize conversion rates

Understanding how all of your marketing campaigns are influencing customer behavior, at all stages of your funnel, gives your the power to craft dedicated marketing efforts around these influences. You can better target your sales funnel through detailed customer segmentation and we can give you the ability to automatically have customers added or removed from a segment once the appropriate criteria has been met. All of this allows you to have custom messaging to fit each segment, which helps you maximize your conversion rates.

Know where and how to grow your business through detailed reports and insights broken down by customer segments

To market to your audience, you need to know your audience at its core. Deep dive into customer motivations, interaction influences, and event based behaviors to know exactly how customers are navigating your store. Use these insights to craft detailed customer segmentation reports, tailor your marketing messaging, and deliver this to customers at the optimal time. 

Deliver world class customer service without breaking the bank

World class customer service requires a personalized touch, but not everyone has the time or budget for that level of interaction. Using our platform you can create personalized messaging based on customer segments, deliver this directly to the customer or power your in-site chat bot, and achieve a level of personalize support that doesn’t require a massive budget.

Increase the effectiveness of your marketing communications

Marketing communications can quickly devolve into spam if your targeting and communication style is not aligned. Get insights directly into how effective your communications are, get guidance on how to improve your targeting, and avoid users sending you to their spam folders.

Know what is making your customers happy and how to keep them happy

Understanding what is driving your happiest customers, what they love and can’t live without, while not having to spam them for surveys or ratings is critical for building a fanatical user base. Using our custom behavioral segmentation tools you will have the power at your finger tips to energize your organic growth marketing.