Apps Industry

Apps are a super competitive industry fighting for visibility in an increasingly crowded store, so having the right tools can make or break your success

Enable Rapid Development

Speed up your iterations during development by very quickly knowing why something is working and how to supercharge it

Power Organic Growth

Power your organic word of mouth marketing with custom user segmentation and messaging


Customer Journey Optimization

Tailor your onboarding experience to individual customer behaviors to drive day one retention. 

Stop Spamming Users

Spamming users with notifications drives them away. Know how and when to message your users. 

Find Your Core Users

Advanced segmentation tools allow you to find who is powering your core metrics. 

Understand Your Success

Gain insights into what is powering your success so you know how to repeat it. 


Quickly understand what is working and what is not, saving you critical development time

The app industry moves at an incredible speed and successful companies have to keep up with the ever changing landscape.The NLevel platform was built specifically for this type of rapid iteration environment. See the results of your changes in minutes and be confident in your direction. Leverage our platform to accelerate your business iterations and get ahead of the changes in the market. 

Leverage your happiest customers to become influencers for your app

Understanding what is driving your happiest customers, what they love and can’t live without, while not having to spam them for surveys or ratings is critical for building a fanatical user base. Using our custom behavioral segmentation tools you will have the power at your finger tips to energize your organic growth marketing. 

Discover user experience issues through detailed customer journeys

The customer onboarding experience defines your company’s first impression to your user base. Understanding every facet of the customer’s journey through their usage of your app allows you to make rapid changes to ensure perfect first impressions. Go above and beyond with custom tailored onboarding experiences based on user behavior with the Nlevel platform.

Don't spam users with notifications, know how and when to engage with each user for optimal results

Notification spam is consistently rated by users as the number one reason for uninstalling an app. How can you know what the right level of interaction is with each individual user? Let our intelligent messaging system remove the guess work for you by leveraging behavioral analytics and sending the right messages to your users, with the perfect timing and frequency.

Find and target your core audience with advanced user behavior segmentation

To market to your audience, you need to know your audience at its deepest level possible,  Deep dive into user motivations, interaction influences, and event based behaviors to know exactly how players are responding to in-app situations. Use these insights to craft detailed user segmentation reports, tailor your marketing messaging, and deliver this to users at the optimal time. 

Identify your apps key value propositions for your users and know where to cut and where to invest

Knowing where to put your marketing and development efforts has always been a hard problem to solve, with many companies relying on costly multivariate tests that take time and money to run and deliver limited insights to what will work in the future. Being able to see how each feature of your product influences the user journey and their satisfaction, in real time, allows you to quickly know what efforts are paying off, without expensive tests.