Growth Solutions

Growing your business is the heart of any successful strategy. We are here to help accelerate and target your growth efforts

Marketing Visibility Reports

See what marketing efforts are paying off by recognizing your audience and customer segments, with reports driven by user behavior.

Marketing Campaign Mapping

Visually see how marketing campaigns interact with each other; allowing quick decision making around campaign performance. 

Advertising Performance Tools

Use powerful tools to forecast and predict advertising performance, before commiting ad budgets to test campaigns.


Look-Alike Segmenting

Find customers that behave similar to your highest value customers, allowing you to grow faster and with higher profitability.


Marketing visibility reports that give you the confidence to take control over your marketing

Use our platform to understand how all of your marketing campaigns are influencing user behavior, at all stages of your funnel. You can create customer segments, based on behaviors or events, and craft dedicated marketing efforts around these segments. Even better, you can automatically have customers added or removed from a segment once the appropriate criteria has been met. All of this allows you to have custom messaging to fit each segment, which helps your company grow!

Visually see how your marketing campaigns are interacting with each other and impacting your customer journey

Marketing campaigns don’t happen in isolation, but until now, it has been impossible to tell just how they interact. With easy to read, visual tools, you can quickly tell how each campaign influences your customer journey, how the campaigns are connected, and how these interactions impact individual customer segments. This gives you an unprecedented level of confidence as you make changes to budgets, messaging, and reach of each of your ongoing and yet to be launched campaigns.

Get help from the most advanced performance monitoring tools for your advertising campaigns

We have reporting tools so powerful it’s like having a second brain working for you. Quickly click and drag together professional level reports with automatic suggestions for insights and actions based on the performance data. Don’t just look into the past either. Utilize our patented forecasting tools to plan out future changes to marketing campaigns and user segmentation.

Take your segmenting to a deeper level with look-alike customer tools that tailor your campaigns to your audience

Utilize the ability to focus your efforts to find that needle in a haystack of the perfect customer, then do it again and again! Know what offers to send to your customers to get the response you want and maximize your growth through organic word of mouth.