Our Process

With our state-of-the-art NLevel software platform, you don’t have to download or install anything to access or integrate our custom data analytic tools and insights. Just create an account through our website and start finding the data solutions that best work for you and your users.

Machine Learning (ML) in real-time, monitoring, and dashboards.

Daily detailed reports on primary drivers of churn for all your customers

Monitoring capabilities of all historical changes as you release product updates

Easy sharing across all teams - email data, changes, and results to any number of users


1. Data Onboarding

Unlike other data options, a single developer can completely onboard your product into our NLevel platform in one to three days. With our clean integration process, no SDK is required.

2. Real-Time Analysis

As soon as you’re onboarded, we can utilize your data and provide a complete analysis of user behavior – in less than a second.

3. Outcome Prediction

With our Machine Learning model, we then create an outcome prediction based on the real-time user behavior analysis.

4. Increased KPI’s

Our unique software then presents the user with optimized outcomes aimed to increase loyalty and retention – and your company’s revenue.

NLevel Software was designed to save you time, costs and, most importantly, improve your KPIs through our one-of-a-kind data solutions.

Our fully-managed Machine Learning software gives you and everyone on your team access to real-time big data analytics. Through our platform, your product’s user data can be continuously processed and acted on to automatically deliver improved KPI results.