Customer Satisfaction Solutions

Creating a personalized experience for customers will delight them and keep them happy for years to come.

Personalized Customer Outreach

Technology that scales your personal touch to each customer. Engage with your customers to make sure they are your happiest customers.

Prevent Cart Abandonment

Don't waste money spamming users with coupons. Reach out to the customers most likely to respond with the correct nudge they need to finish their customer journey.

Optimized Customer Interactions

Don't gamble your business on simple A/B tests. Know your customer segments and send them on the right paths, without wasteful experimentations.

Keep Customers Happy

Know who your happiest customers are, see what's making them happy, and apply that success to other customer segments.




Reach out to your customers with the right engagement as soon as they show signs of frustration

Get guidance on creating a plan to time your engagements with your customers to be highly effective, respecting both you and your customers time. Utilize predictive segmentation to know when customers are experiencing frustrations and are in need of support, and reach out with just the right nudge to help them along their journey or resolve their issue.

Take a proactive approach to cart abandonment and prevent the headache for both you and your users

Take the guesswork out of understanding cart abandonment with detailed insight into customer behavior and influences. Our influence modeling can predict when a customer is likely to abandon their cart and are in need of support, allowing you to automatically reach out with just the right offer and increasing the satisfaction of your customers.

Interactions should feel personal to the customer but we don't always have time to respond

World class customer service requires a personalized touch, but not everyone has the time or budget for that level of interaction. Using our platform you can create personalized messaging based on customer segments, deliver this directly to the customer or power your in-site chat bot, and achieve a level of personalize support that doesn’t require a massive budget.

Knowing what makes your customers happy gives you confidence in expanding product lines and investing in the right choices

Understand what is motivating your happiest customers, what they love and can’t live without, all without having to spam them with surveys or requests for ratings is critical for building a fanatical user base. Using our custom behavioral segmentation tools you will have the power at your fingertips to energize your growth.