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We have simplified analytics by making it easy to setup, easy to use, and easy to understand.

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What We are

Free & Easy Pricing

Our pricing is simple, based on just a flat monthly fee, no overage or usage restrictions

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Easy to Use

Designed to be used as quickly and easily as possible. Everything is intuitive and put right where you need it

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Cookie Free
No Cookies Required

Nobody likes website cookies and they dislike the cookie consent popup and banners even more. Learn how we ditched the cookie

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Simple Analytics

Simple Analytics Dashboard

A single dashboard with all your key metrics, delivered in real time precision. Track unique visitors, pageviews, referral traffic, and more, without having to utilize cookies. Leave the frustrations of complicated systems behind and use our fast, powerful, easy to use dashboard for all your website insights. There are no menus to learn, custom layouts to organize, or complicated export options.

SixPack Analytics

A Daily Deep Dive

Save your time and let the SixPack system deep dive into all your metrics and present a daily dashboard of the Six most important metrics for the day. Did your traffic from a referral site jump by 30% over normal? The SixPack will let you know. Do users from stay on your site 100% longer than other users? The SixPack will make sure you know about it! With the SixPack diving through over 40 metrics and correlations every day, it will always make sure you have all the information you need to make the smart choices around your website and business. Who needs custom reports when you have the SixPack on your side!

Why Choose Us


Earn your customers trust by not utilizing cookies. Customers have become wary of sites that have scary cookie consents or services like Google Analytics.


Don't wait around for batch jobs to see your data. We process eveything in realtime and pipe it directly to your dashboard. No waiting, no guessing, just pure results.


Our service is designed for speed, from the lightweight script all the way to the dashboards. Don't slow down your site with bloated analytics software.


Because we respect customers and do not issue cookies, we don't get blocked by ad-blockers. This gives you more accurate data. We also show you all your data, unlike some other software.


We comply with privacy laws and do not track customers with cookies or personal information. We don't share or sell data and respect both your company's and your customers data.


Don't worry about getting a traffic spike and not having the right plan. You get unlimited events and unlimited data retention even on our free plan.


Basic Analytics
$0 Month

Get the Basic Analytics Dashboard and track your key site metrics in real-time, along with historical metrics. See KPI's like bounce rate, referral traffic, entry and exit pages, sessions, and more. Easy to install with a single line added to your website.

  • Real-time Dashboard
  • Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Metrics
  • Unlimited Events
  • No Cookies
  • 1 line simple install
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Business Bundle
$19 Monthly

Save time by letting us do your analytics deep dive for you. Using the SixPack Dashboard, get your six most important metrics for the day, organized and presented directly to you on a daily basis. Includes the Analytics dashboard and Conversion tracking.

  • 6 Deep dive metrics per day
  • Automatic and Custom conversion tracking
  • 1 line simple install
  • Analytics dashboard included
  • 14 Day Free trial
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Our Features

Better Than Google

Googles business model is based around selling your customers data. This is harmful and has been deem illegal in many countries. We do not sell data.

Learn More About Your Customers

Get deeper insights to your customers actions through the SixPack dashboard. This allows you to better optimize your efforts to meet your customers needs.

Unlimited Usage

Unlimited events means you don't have to worry about being on the right plan or getting a surprise overage bill. You also get unlimited data retention.

Cookie Free

Traditional analytics services utilize cookies to manage tracking individuals. Privacy laws mandate you get user consent for cookies. By not utilizing cookies, we can provide excellent services without annoying banners.

Get Valuable Insights

The SixPack will deliver deep insights from your data, saving you time, and effort. Use these insights to optimize your site goals.

Optimize Your Site

Our script is small, fast, and light weight. This allows it to track better data, faster, without slowing down your site. On average we are 40x faster than Google Analytics.

Easy To Install

With a single line you are setup for tracking everything you need for our services. No tag management or custom coding required.

Avoids Ad-Blockers

Ad-blockers seek out and target services like Google Analytics and other, none privacy friendly analytics services. Because we are privacy focused, our services are not blocked.